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Special Issue: Corn Soil fertilizer

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Effects of Nitrification Inhibitors on Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Waxy Corn

JIN Heyu, ZHANG Mingchao, CHEN Guanglei, ZHOU Jinquan, ZHU Yiyong   

  1. Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Soil of Organic Waste Utilization, College of Resources and Environment Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
  • Received:2020-06-07 Published:2020-10-28

Abstract: In order to clarify the agronomic traits, yield, nitrogen absorption and utilization efficiency of waxy maize in Jiangsu area under nitrification inhibitor (2-chloro-6-(trichloromethyl)pyridine, CP) under field test conditions, soil ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen effects, using waxy corn variety Suyunuo No.5 as the test material, setting five treatments:a non-nitrogen control (N0), farmers' conventional nitrogen application (N, taking the local high-yield corn nitrogen application as a reference), farmers' conventional nitrogen inhibitor (N+CP), nitrogen reduction 25% (-25%N), nitrogen reduction 25%+nitrification inhibitor (-25%N+CP). The results showed that:under the condition of reducing nitrogen by 25%, the combined application of CP treatment could significantly increase the yield of waxy corn. Compared with-25%N treatment, the-25%N+CP treatment increases by 15%-17%, and-25%+CP after treatment, the part of agronomic characteristics and yield of waxy corn were not significantly different from the farmers' conventional nitrogen application; the content of ammonium nitrogen in the soil after the combined CP treatment was higher than the corresponding non-CP treatment, and the N+CP treatment was higher than the N treatment 179%-224%, the nitrate nitrogen content was reduced by 35%; the ammonium nitrogen content in the soil treated with-25%N+CP was 202%-261% higher than-25%, and the nitrate nitrogen content was reduced by 30%-36%;CP application could increase the nitrogen accumulation of waxy corn, nitrogen fertilizer had partial productivity and agronomic efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer, among which-25% N+CP treated waxy corn had the highest nitrogen and phosphorus utilization efficiency. Considering comprehensively improving the efficiency of nitrogen absorption and utilization while maintaining the yield of waxy corn, it was recommended to reduce the application of chemical nitrogen fertilizer by 25% and apply nitrification inhibitors, which can provide a basis for achieving the goal of ″reducing nitrogen and increasing efficiency″ of waxy corn in agricultural production.

Key words: Waxy corn, Nitrification inhibitor, Yield, Nitrogen use efficiency, Ammonium nitrogen, Nitrate nitrogen

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JIN Heyu, ZHANG Mingchao, CHEN Guanglei, ZHOU Jinquan, ZHU Yiyong. Effects of Nitrification Inhibitors on Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Waxy Corn[J]. ACTA AGRICULTURAE BOREALI-SINICA, 2020, 35(5): 171-177. doi: 10.7668/hbnxb.20191171.

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