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Acta Agriculurae Boreali-Sinica (AABS) is jointly sponsored by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Society of Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. AABS started in 1962. It is the first agricultural academic journal across Provinces, Cities and Districts in the whole country. Our journal based in North China, faces the whole country and the world.The columns are Crop Genetics and Breeding·Germplasm Resources·Biotechnology, Tillage and Cultivation·Physiology and Biochemistry, Resources and Environment·Plant Protection, Animal Husbandry·Fisheries·Veterinarian. It mainly publishes original research papers, monographs, reviews, research briefs, etc. of agricultural basic subjects, aiming to report the trends of agricultural science and promote the agricultural science and technology progress. The service objects are teachers and students of agricultural universities and researchers of agricultural scientific research institutions.

AABS is the core journal of China Science Citation Database (CSCD), the core journal of China, the key magazine of China technology, the Chinese agricultural kernel periodical and RCCSE China core academic journal, AABS has won national and provincial rewards for many times,and it is an influential agricultural academic journal in China.

AABS is published in China and abroad, with domestic unified serial number: CN13-1101/S and international issue number: ISSN 1000-7091. Bimonthly, published on 28, 240 pages, 40 yuan per issue, and 240.00 yuan for the whole year. Postal code: 18-10, abroad issue code: 5918.Local post offices can subscribe, also contact the editorial department directly to subscribe. Please indicate the journal name, number of copies, name, address, postal code and telephone number.

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