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Special Issue: Soil fertilizer

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Effects of Different Mulch Treatments on Soil Enzyme Activities and Soil Nutrients

LIU Changyuan1, JIAO Fengli1, HONG Shengzhe1, SUN Chitao1, ZHANG Mingming1, ZHANG Kai2, LI Quanqi1   

  1. 1. College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, Shandong Agricultural University, Taian 271018, China;
    2. Shandong Agricultural Environmental Protection and Rural Energy Station, Jinan 250100, China
  • Received:2021-09-21 Published:2021-12-28

Abstract: In order to explore the effects of biodegradable mulching film on soil enzyme activities and soil fertility in the North China Plain, and to seek more environmentally friendly alternatives, to solve "white pollution" problem of plastic film mulching, this test set common PE plastic mulching(PM), biodegradable(BM)of plastic film mulching, straw mulching(SM)3 different mulching treatments, with bare not covered(CK)as contrast, study covering different processing of spring corn farmland soil enzyme activity and soil nutrient content.The results showed that the effects of three different mulching treatments on the activities of soil catalase and urease in the growth period of spring maize had roughly the same trend, showing a trend of decreasing first, then increasing and then decreasing, while the activities of soil cellulase first decreased and then increased in the growth period of spring maize.At the harvest stage of spring maize, the activities of the above three enzymes could be increased by two different plastic film mulching treatments, but only the activities of soil catalase and urease could be increased by straw mulching.Among them, each mulching treatment had an obvious improvement effect on soil urease activity, which increased by 58.73%, 33.65%, 83.84% and 26.19%, 50.98%, 61.21% compared with CK treatment in the 0-10 cm and 10-20 cm soil layers, respectively.Compared with CK, all mulching treatments increased the contents of soil organic carbon, alkali-hydrolyzed nitrogen and available potassium in the 0-10 cm soil layer, and straw mulching had the best effect, which significantly increased by 24.68%, 11.10% and 23.34%, respectively, while there was no significant difference between the two mulching treatments.Mulching treatments had no significant effect on soil available P content.In conclusion, the effects of biodegradable mulching on the above three soil enzyme activities and soil nutrient contents were similar to those of ordinary PE mulching in the North China Plain.Therefore, biodegradable mulching film instead of ordinary PE mulching film in farmland to solve the problem of "white pollution" has a good application prospect.

Key words: Biodegradable plastic film, Straw mulching, Soil enzyme activity, Soil organic carbon, Soil nutrients

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LIU Changyuan, JIAO Fengli, HONG Shengzhe, SUN Chitao, ZHANG Mingming, ZHANG Kai, LI Quanqi. Effects of Different Mulch Treatments on Soil Enzyme Activities and Soil Nutrients[J]. ACTA AGRICULTURAE BOREALI-SINICA, 2021, 36(S1): 246-252. doi: 10.7668/hbnxb.20191742.

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