ACTA AGRICULTURAE BOREALI-SINICA ›› 2017, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (5): 177-184. doi: 10.7668/hbnxb.2017.05.027

Special Issue: Soil fertilizer

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Effects of Organic Fertilizer on Repairing Fertility of Soil Degraded by Highway Construction and Growth of Neyraudia reynaudiana

YUAN Zhongyou1,2, WU Jialong2,3, LIU Qing2,3, YANG Qijun2,3, DAI Jun2,3   

  1. 1. College of Public Management, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China;
    2. Key Laboratory of Arable Land Conservation of Ministry of Agriculture, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Land and Resources for Construction Land Transformation, Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Land Use and Consolidation, Guangzhou 510642, China;
    3. College of Natural Resources and Environment, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
  • Received:2017-07-26 Published:2017-10-28

Abstract: The effects of short-term different fertilizing treatments on repairing fertility of soil degraded by highway construction and growth of Neyraudia reynaudiana were studied by greenhouse pot experiment with Neyraudia reynaudiana.The results showed:vermicompost and cattle manure treatment,compared with chemical fertilizer and contrast treatment,significantly decreased the soil bulk density and increased soil pH value and soil porosity,field moisture capacity,organic matter and total nitrogen (P <0.001); under the vermicompost and cattle manure treatment,the Neyraudia reynaudiana plant dry weight,height,tiller number,root total length,root surface area,root volume,root average diameter and N,P,K nutrient accumulation were obviously higher than that under chemical fertilizer and contrast treatment (P <0.05).Chemical fertilizer only inhibited the growth of Neyraudia reynaudiana,plant growth characteristics were worse than contrast.Cattle manure treatment and vermicompost produced by treating cattle manure with earthworm treatment were almost the same in the effect of soil physical and chemical comprehensive quality,but vermicompost treatment was more effective in promoting the Neyraudia reynaudiana plant tiller and root development than cattle manure treatment.In short-term,vermicompost and cattle manure treatment are better for improvement of soil physical properties,enhancing soil physical and chemical comprehensive quality and promoting corp growth of land degraded by highway construction compared with chemical fertilizer treatment.Organic fertilizer,especially vermicompost is an effective treatment for rapidly repairing land degraded by construction.

Key words: Organic fertilizer, Highway, Damaged land, Soil fertility, Soil remediation, Neyraudia reynaudiana

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YUAN Zhongyou, WU Jialong, LIU Qing, YANG Qijun, DAI Jun. Effects of Organic Fertilizer on Repairing Fertility of Soil Degraded by Highway Construction and Growth of Neyraudia reynaudiana[J]. ACTA AGRICULTURAE BOREALI-SINICA, 2017, 32(5): 177-184. doi: 10.7668/hbnxb.2017.05.027.

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